Really! ROASTED potatoes

This is just the way I love my potatoes roasted - very well done - as I do with all my veggies.

I like to eat it with a few dollops of Greek yogurt, or sprinkle it with a little parmigiana, or good aged cheddar cheese (sparingly of course!)


*Olive oil
*Sea salt
*Black pepper - freshly ground peppercorns is best (opt.)
*Freshly chopped or dried herbs - such as: rosemary, thyme or an herb mix (opt.)


Cut-up potatoes (depending on the size - big or small you'll have to adjust the cooking time; smaller cuts cook a little faster).  Get a half sheet pan, line it with parchment paper if you have it (you don't need it, it's only for easy clean-up purposes).  Make sure your washed potatoes are very dry or you'll end up with steamed potatoes.  Put potatoes on the sheet add olive oil, sprinkle salt, pepper and herbs - toss it a bit (right on the sheet), then spread it out evenly making sure to have space in between.  Roast for about 20 min on 400 degrees (this is for thicker cuts).  If for any reason its not done enough to your liking, just let it cook a little longer, or if it seem to be cooking a bit fast turn down the oven a bit. (using a timer can help you adjusting a good time for future roasting.

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