Curry Macaroni Salmon Salad

 The weather is hot,warm, cold -who knows! This is a quick throw together salad that is a
filling meal without being to heavy on whatever kind of day. The curry was a last minute add-in; it  
for surely kicked up the flavor.


* Salmon (a good can) Sockeye is the best, or use fresh
* 2 cups frozen green peas
* 1 wasabi or dill pickle 
* 1 Lg or 2 small tomatoes (diced small)
* 3-4 Tbsp mayonnaise (I used veganaise)
* 1/2 -1 tsp curry (depending on how much you like curry-adjust to taste)
* Sea salt (to taste)
* Black pepper (freshly ground)
* Lettuce (opt.)


* Cook macaroni - while the pasta is cooking dice tomato & pickles - if using fresh salmon cook it before starting the pasta and set aside to cool down.

* When pasta is done simply add your rinsed frozen peas to the same hot pasta water-the peas are so small the hot water will cook it in a minute. This little trick will not only same time, but you'll use one less pot. After letting the peas sit for a minute use a strainer and drain water. Pour into a large bowl, add: mayo, pickles, tomatoes, and salmon mix all in.

* Add: salt, pepper and curry - mix again. Chopped raw onions or cucumbers can be added as well - optional. 

Serve warm or cold on top of any kind of green lettuce (opt.)

Note: Chicken or any other kind of fish can be used in this salad.


  1. Hi Arlene!! I'm so glad to see your blog up and running! It looks great! I'll be checking it out in more detail soon! Love this pasta salmon. There is something about curly macaroni that is the best and my family and I love salmon. : )

  2. Thanks! Monica..

    So glad you stopped by.