I love tea, And when I found out about this coffee & tea festival - I couldn't wait to go. This event actually took place a couple/few months ago, and I took these pictures while I browsed around 
sipping on lots of delicious coffee & tea. 

Tikki bar coffee-love it!

Cute to store loose tea in

Loose leaves

I drank so much tea that day, can you say Peeeeches!!! We all know that there's always a ridiculous! Line around the corner for the women's bathroom, well thank goodness that;s not the case for the men's -whew! Thank you.. 

Where there's tea - honey shouldn't be too far away.

There was equally as much coffee 

Of course we need some snacks to go along with all those drinks

Can you believe this is coffee? 
Cold green tea- it was so good.
You can also get a nice hand scrub; (like a facial for your hands). 
That's not me. Although I did get my hands done - so Therapeutic.

They even had tea seminars - interesting!

How about this, Tea and Beer mixed together.
I know!

 I believe he said mixing tea and beer has been around  since the 1700's
He really enjoyed mixing that tea & beer. 

Fruit and tea
I think that's Matcha green tea; you're suppose to dip the fruit into the powder- it was actually good.

Look! Even Cabot cheese was there.

Yes, can't leave without getting your tea leaf read on. Lol 

Please, read me.

The crystal ball
For a nice little fee - of course!
She was a diggin. Lol
Ahh!! Tea at home

And this was all in my little red goodie bag to take home.

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