Tomato-less Salad

No recipe, see & do.

Its really been ridiculously HOT! And I've had a salad almost every other day. Usually I almost always add tomatoes to my salads - I've always believed its not a real salad without it, but this time I made a little change and omitted the tomatoes; I realized it can still be a great salad without it. I like experimenting knowing that I'm not limited in how many things I can throw in. This was my weekend dinner- meal salad consisting of: romaine lettuce, chicken cutlets (chopped), corn, chickpeas, carrots, cucumbers, raisins, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, roasted almonds (chopped) - the seeds & roasted almonds really bump this salad up into greatness!  And to top it off - Parmesan cheese & homemade croutons. I also added some non-dairy mayo (you can use regular) with extra virgin olive oil lightly drizzled on top; do add some freshly ground black pepper (love! Black pepper) and a little sea salt if you'd like, but you don't need much as there's enough in the cheese and mayo - taste as you go.  As you can see, my croutons are very well toasted (I like them that way), I simply took a round kaiser roll that I had saved in the freezer, thawed it out - ripped it into pieces with my hands, added a little olive oil and baked it on 375 for about 15 min. If you prefer it not so toasted use less time.

I call everything explosive when there's a lot of things involved.  Lol


  1. Hi Arlene! Love your "explosive" salad! That chicken looks delish and I really want to try making croutons again and will keep it simple as you suggest. Do you ever add grains to your salad? I just started doing that recently - along with everything in the fridge - and it makes a nice filling meal. This heat has been so intense - I'm living off of veggies too. Well...that and chocolate. Hope you're having a good summer...stay cool! : )

  2. Hi Monica!

    Yes, I do add grains as well as different kinds of pasta - it is very filling. The weather has been monsterous! I hope your having a nice, cool summer as well. Always nice chatting with you..